Giza Criminal Court to decide on assets of five officials today
Hisham Kandeel
By YOUM: youm7

GIZA, Egypt: The hearing regarding assets of five Morsi-government figures will be held today at the The Giza Criminal Court. The officials, banned from leaving the country until a decision is made regarding their properties and assets, are: hearing of reserving the money and properties of former Egyptian Prime Minister, Dr. Hisham Kandeel , former Minister of Housing, Tarek Wafeek, and three officials in the Urban Communities Authority and the New Cairo City Authority. takes place today, preventing them from travelling.

The oOusted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi appointed former Kandeel as Pprime Mminister. Hisham Kandeel. Morsi insisted of on keeping Kandeel despite his inability to carry out his duties and despite public demand to remove him from his position.

The prosecution is inspecting the case along with the Administrative Control Authority notice and investigation. The authority took notice of one real estate company, which obtained an allocation of approximately 205 acres in the fifth district in Cairo at the price of 200 LE per meter. In 2012, the price reached 1,500 LE per meter. The company was committed to finish the construction work within three years but since it did not commit to the contract until 2012, the allocation was then withdrawn.

The company filed a complaint to the Investment Disputes Settlement Committee about the withdrawal of the allocation but the committee rejected it. The complaint was then presented to a committee from the Council of Ministers, where it was also rejected.

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