Cabinet to give immunity to SEC: Legal expert
Constitutional jurist Shawky el-Sayed - YOUM7/Sami Wahieb

CAIRO: Legal and constitutional expert Shawky el-Sayed said the Cabinet will discuss Thursday the amendments to the presidential elections law conducted by Legislation Department of State Council and might guarantee the Supreme Electoral Committee (SEC) immunity.

Sayed told Youm7 that he thinks the Cabinet might approve immunity for the SEC, adding that that the committee itself would be responsible for any appeals against its decisions, which means it would be considered as judicial rather than an administrative body.

The most outstanding features of amendments are that the new law denies immunity to the SEC and obliges presidential candidate to hold a higher degree.

Controversy rose among politicians recently after the new presidential elections law was announced, after it was handed to President Adly Mansour on March 4, because of revoking of the immunity for the SEC. Many suggested removing or finding alternatives to the article.

Sayed said that he previously appealed one of the committee’s decisions when Ahmed Shafiq ran for president. The committee cancelled its decision and Shafiq was able to run, he said, since the constitutional court considered the case as a judicial committee.

Originally published in Youm7. 

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