Ministry of Transport allocates 4B EGP to construct roads in Upper Egypt
Minister of Transport Ibrahim el-Demeiry - YOUM7/Kareem Abdul Kareem

CAIRO: The Ministry of Transport has allocated 4 billion EGP ($575 million) to construct new roads and bridges in Upper Egypt, Minister of Transport Ibrahim el-Demeiry said in a Thursday statement.

Demeiry said that these projects include constructing two-way streets to facilitate traffic movements and avoid accidents.

The ministry is currently connecting Upper Egypt’s roads by constructing a number of bridges in Beni Mazar, Tama, Kalabsha to avoid roads intersections with the railways in Kalabya, and Tahta as well as expanding the Luxor Bridge and al-Maana bridge with a cost of 1.8 billion EGP, Demeiry added.

Demeiry added that they are currently doing maintenance work in roads of Upper Egypt at the cost of 800 million EGP, including Cairo-Fayoum road, Aswan- Abu Simbel, and al-Dakhla-al-Farafra roads in addition to checking the securing means of traffic to provide the highest rate of peace and security.

Interim President Adly Mansour assigned former Minister of Housing Ibrahim Mahlab on Feb. 25 to form the new government after Hazem al-Beblawy submitted the resignation of his government on Monday through a statement broadcasted on state television.

Many ministries have been changed in the new government of the new Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab. The Minister of Transport Ibrahim el-Demeiry kept his post in the new government.

Originally published in Youm7.

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