Asmaa Mahfouz: I was not deported from Kuwait
Asma Mahfouz

CAIRO: Egyptian activist Asmaa Mahfouz said that security forces in Kuwait asked her “in a friendly manner” to leave the Gulf country and return to Egypt, denying claims that authorities deported her on Saturday.

“I came home in a normal way, and I was not held for any legal accountability,” Mahfouz said, confirming that she contacted the Ministry of Interior who assured her that she is not wanted for any criminal charges.

Al-Watan, a Kuwaiti newspaper, reported that Mahfouz was detained by Egyptian security forces on Saturday, after she was administratively deported from Kuwait for unidentified reasons and that her name was added to the list of those barred from entry.

Mahfouz, a founding member of the April 6 Youth Movement, had been living with her husband in Kuwait for the last three months.



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