PLO and Fatah confront Hamas regarding tense relations with Egypt
Members of Hamas - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) called Thursday on Hamas to stop interfering in Egyptian affairs, warning for the negative consequences that would result in, especially after Hamas was banned in Egypt and considered a terrorism-supporting organization.

PLO, which combines ten different factions, headed by left-wing movement Fath, held a meeting in Gaza on Wednesday to discuss the ban Egypt issued against Hamas and the confiscation of its properties on Egyptian territories, Palestinian Palpress agency reported.

“Hamas is clearly provoking Egypt, while we insist impartiality on the current situation in Egypt, said Mahmoud Alzok, member of the political office at the Popular Struggle Front, one of PLO’s factions, on Thursday.

Alzok denied that any of PLO’s factions is playing the role of an intermediary between Hamas and Egypt, adding that the organization only called on Hamas to ease tensions with Egypt.

On the other hand, Hamas condemned the PLO’s accusations, denying its interference in any Arab country’s affairs. Hamas’ official spokesperson Salah al-Bardawil accused the PLO of inciting the Egyptian military and people against Hamas, Gaza Strip and Palestinian resistance, Palpress reported

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