FM calls on expats in Libya to be careful, Church demands help for them
Nabil Fahmy, Egyptian Foreign Minister - AFP/Khaled Desoki

CAIRO: Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy called on the Egyptian expatriates in Libya to “be careful, in response to the death of seven Christian Egyptian who were executed on a Benghazi beach in Libya by anonymous assailants.

Fahmy added, during an interview on Tahrir Channel on Thursday, that he has received promises of compensation for the families of the deceased workers, and of providing security for the Egyptian workers.

On the other hand, the Coptic Orthodox Church intervened following the killing of seven Copts in Libya, and the bodies were returned in an airplane through a mandate from the Church.

Lawyer and coordinator of the Citizenship Observatory Tharwat Bekheet told Youm7, Thursday, that the Church made sure to intervene, especially as Benghazi is part of the diocese of Bishop Bakhomious, which includes North Africa.

He said that the church demanded the return of the Copts currently facing a similar state of crisis.

This affirms the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Badr Abdel Atty’s statements that he contacted the secretary of Pope Tawadros II to compile the names of Copts who want to return to Egypt.

Bekheet added that Salama Fawzy, who was shot in the head in Benghazi, was transported to a hospital in Alexandria.

Seven Egyptian Christians were shot execution-style on a beach in Benghazi on Feb. 24, raising questions and reports regarding the targeting of Christians in Libya.

Furthermore, continuing in other matters during his interview, and concerning Saudi Arabi, the UAE and Bahrian’s withdrawal of their ambassadors from Qatar Fahmy said “A state cannot withdraw its ambassador on account of another country.”

On the Egyptian relations with Russia, Fahmy  said that  Egypt is not “replacing America with Russia,” but rather is working on “safeguarding its interests.”

Meanwhile, with regards to the Renaissance Dam, which has sparked a major crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia, he said that Egypt will not accept the continuity of the “fruitless negotiations,” adding that Egypt does not have the luxury to tolerate the water shortage that would result from the dam.

Originally published in Youm7.

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