Men arrested for riding in women’s metro cars as part of security campaign
Metro in Egypt-youm7/Archive

CAIRO: Many men, street vendors, and beggars who rode metro cars reserved for women were arrested during an intensive security campaign in the Shohada, Opera and Mashiet el Sadr metro stations today.

Metro stations are coordinating with police for these campaigns to restore discipline. “We want the passengers to follow and respect the rules for maintaining respect, to not to break the law and to not be exposed to immediate fines,” the Chairman of Metro, Abdallah Fawzy, said. “We don’t want people to believe rumors about stopping the metro.”

More than 200 officers participated in this safety campaign, which lasted for five hours to ensure the security in metro stations and to find if there was any threat or strange unattended objects left in stations by unidentified suspects.

Meanwhile, Colonel Rokaya el-Sefy has asked of passengers to alert the police about street-vendors and not to deal with them. The head of the Human Rights and Social Communication department investigated many suspects and arrested many street vendors and beggars.

Metro movements have been stopped once today on the main metro line, after finding as strange unattended object on the railway bars between Halmeyt el Zaitoun and Hadyek el Zaitun metro stations.

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