FIFA sends committee to check Air Defense Stadium
FIFA President Sepp Blatter

CAIRO: The international football association FIFA decided to send a delegation from the Stadium and Security Committee to Cairo in the upcoming days, according to Youm7. The committee will perform a professional routine check on the Air Defense Stadium in Cairo.

The Air Defense Stadium is supposed to host the second leg match between Egypt and Ghana in World Cup 2014 qualifiers, scheduled on November 19.

The FIFA committee will be sent as soon as possible to take its decision on the legality and safety of the stadium to host such a big match. The newly built Air Defense Stadium, also known as the 30 June Stadium (after the day an air defense system was put in place against Israel in 1970), is not part of the four Egyptian stadiums that were nominated by FIFA to host games in the World Cup playoffs.

The FIFA will seek to apply the largest possible proportion of terms in the stadium before releasing an official approval, especially as the pitch is in a place far from the center of Cairo.

The main sources of concern might be the entrances and exits of the stadium and the presence of a hotel very close to the stadium. If any riots would happen it may reach the hotel. Besides, the arena located between the interior and exterior gates of the stadium do not apply to the conditions the FIFA sets for the design of football stadiums.

Egyptian officials hope that the FIFA will approve the Air Defense Stadium, since a refusal could lead to a crisis between the Egyptian Football Association and the Egyptian government.

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