Health Minister understands doctors’ demands and new “contingency plan”
Health Minister Adel al-Adawy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Minister of Health and Population Adel al-Adawy understands the doctors’ demands, describing them as “legitimate demands,” he said in a press statement on Friday.

Adawy contacted the medical syndicates and arranged meetings with them to address their demands and he is working on reaching satisfactory solutions for all parties to satisfy the doctors’ demands and provide distinctive medical services to citizens.

The ministry prepared a contingency plan to be applied to guarantee delivering medical services to the patients, which is the ministry’s main aim and mission, Adawy said.

He said the plan will start with halting all vacations for all workers in the emergency and ambulance authorities across Egypt before and within the doctors’ strike. This will make sure of the validity of ambulances and medical equipments, the availability of all medical supplies with suitable quantities at emergency units, care centers, and internal sections and outlets.

Adawy referred to raise the high state of alert at hospitals, in addition to the cooperation with university and military hospitals to accommodate the patients during the doctors’ strike.

The minister pledged not to halt any arbitrary measures by the administrations against those participating in the strike and he pledged to address the doctors’ complaints, the statement added.

Medical syndicates organized partial strikes every Monday and Wednesday since the beginning of Feb. 2014 in protest against the incentives law and recently announced they would start an open strike on March 8.

The first statement for Adawy after being sworn into office March 1 that doctors’ demands are” legitimate,” just after entering the ministry building on March 2, adding that postponing a response to the doctors’ demands caused the strike.

On March 6, head of the governmental Pharmacists’ Syndicate Alaa El-Sagheir told Youm7 on Wednesday that the syndicate agreed with Adawy to form a committee with pharmacists, physicians, Dentists Syndicate members, and Ministry of Health members to amend the incentives draft law.

The minister has also agreed to cancel all arbitrary punishment and sanctions for doctors who joined the strike, Sagheir added.

He also said pharmacists will continue their open partial strike, which will begin on March 8 and continue “until promises become decisions.”

Additional Reporting by DANA EL HADIDY.

Originally published in Youm7.

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