Saudi Arabia designates MB, ISIL, Nusra Front as terrorist groups
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CAIRO: Saudi Arabia designated the Muslim brotherhood, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and in Yemen, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Nusra Front, and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations on Friday, said the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

According to a royal order issued in February, a committee formed by representatives from the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Islamic Affairs, Justice, the Body of Grievances, and the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution prepared a blacklist including all terrorist groups, the ministry added in a statement published by the Saudi News Agency.

The statement designated a set of criteria, which each Saudi citizen or foreign resident will be held accountable for. These are:

  • Those who try to spread atheism or doubt the principles of Islam
  • Those who are not loyal to the rulers of their countries, or could support or be loyal to any party, organization, trend, group, or individual outside or inside the country
  • Those who could participate, call or incite violence and killing in places of conflict in any other country
  • Those who support, promote or show sympathy with such groups through holding meetings under their names, or through media outlets, social media or online, or through supporting slogans
  • Those who support the terrorist groups, financially or otherwise, or by providing shelter for any person belonging to such groups
  • Those who mediate for terrorist groups or any trend or individual hostile to the Kingdom
  • Those who are loyal to any foreign country, or communicate with other countries to destabilize the Kingdom and its people
  • Those who seek to destabilize the social fabric and/or national unity of the Kingdom
  • Those who participate in, call for, promote, or incite sit-ins, protests and gatherings
  • Those who attend conferences, symposiums, or gatherings, both inside or outside the Kingdom, that could target the security and stability of the Kingdom
  • Those who insult other countries or their leaders
  • Those who incite countries, bodies or international organizations to act against the Kingdom

The Saudi authorities stated that they will take legal measures against those who commit these violations, and that the decree will be applied retroactively, and will come into force on Sunday.

The Saudi authorities called on citizens who participated in battle outside the Kingdom to return, giving them a period of 15 days from the issuance of the statement to return, after which they will be held accountable.

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