Islamic figures warn against calls for jihad
Yasser Borhamy - YOUM7 (Archive)


ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: Islamic religious leaders warned Monday against calls by unidentified groups seeking to establish an Islamic Caliphate in Egypt.

Yasser Borhamy, vice president of the Salafi Dawah (mission) in Alexandria, warned against joining such groups in a statement published on the Sout Al-Salaf website.

“Nowadays there are many statements on social media websites calling for establishing the Caliphate and claiming that jihad is a religious obligation,” Borhamy said.

Borhamy questioned these calls for jihad, saying that they are not based on the teachings of Islam.

Former Jihad Organization leader Sheikh Sabra Al Kasemy, labeled the calls for joining these groups and establishing the caliphate as “suspicious.”

Kasemy added that these groups are terrorist groups and that this is a ploy being used by enemies to destroy Egypt and split the country in half.

“The enemies fight us with our weapons and our people and this contributes to the extremist ideology,” Kasemy added.

He added that leaders of these groups implement foreign agendas. “They fight the citizens in behalf of our enemies,” Kasemy said.

Kasemy advised the “enthusiast youths” who want to join such groups, “to understand these groups before engaging in them, as they are terrorists that kill Muslims and harm the homeland’s interests.”

“I was a leader at Jihad Organization and was arrested for 20 years. And I regret what I have done because I lost my life in vain,” Kasemy concluded.

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