24 arrested and 13 injuring in Friday clashes
pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators - YOUM7/Hazim Abdul Samad

CAIRO: Clashes broke out between security forces and pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in various districts and cities on Friday, resulting in the killing and injuring of civilians and policemen.

In Cairo, clashes renewed between the both sides in various districts, including Alf Maskan and Ain Shams. Police warned residents against the use of machine guns and live bullets by demonstrators during violent confrontations between them and the security forces.

Witnesses affirmed that they heard an explosion at the street leading to Alf Maskan, and a deliveryman died by gunshot while passing through the place of the clashes.

Clashes have stopped now, and a cautious calm prevails between the two sides.

In Matariya, policemen arrested 7 demonstrators in the wake of clashes that broke out between them and local residents with Molotov cocktails, rocks and knives, which resulted in injuring 13 police officers and citizens.

Demonstrators dressed in black in Haram, Giza, set fire to a police car, chanting against the police and army, and fired fireworks. No injuries were reported among security forces.

In Minya, security forces arrested 17 protesters who participated in demonstration after Friday prayers in Samalout and Deir Mawas, accusing them of violating the protests law and chanting against the police and army.

Reporting by Abdel Latif Sobh, Amr Haggag, Ibrahim Ahmed, Ahmed Mar’ie and Hassan Abdel Ghaffar.

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