Banning Hamas in Egypt paves the way for Israeli attack on Gaza: official
Khalil al-Hayya - YOUM7/Ahmed Ismaill

CAIRO: Hamas official Khalil al-Hayya warned on Friday that the decision of the Egyptian judiciary to ban Hamas activities and close its offices in Cairo paves the way for a new Israeli attack on Gaza, according to the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

He called on Egyptian authorities to cancel this verdict, which he described as a political one.

Hayya, member of the movements’ political office, told Anadolu in a protest organized by Hamas on Friday in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Gaza that the verdict resembles a trial for all Palestinian currents that fight Israeli occupation. Egyptian judiciary should stay away from political conflicts, he added.

Cairo Court said on Tuesday that the verdict can be appealed.

According to Hayya, the verdict does not serve the causes of the Egyptian and Palestinian peoples. He said that all “media fabrications” that tried to prove that Hamas and Palestinian resistance are involved in Egypt’s internal affairs failed and would never succeed.

He said that Hamas is not ashamed of sympathizing with the Muslim Brotherhood but that it is an independent Palestinian movement whose work is limited to Palestine.

Hayya demanded Egyptian authorities to end the siege of the Gaza Strip and open the Rafah border crossing to let necessary needs reach the citizens of Gaza.

He praised the stance of Qatar and Turkey as they are siding with Palestine and providing support.


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