State Council amends political rights law to rule out ousted presidents
Adly Mansour - REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

CAIRO: The legislature department in the State Council is mulling a legislative amendment to the Practicing Political Rights Law to prevent those who are referred to criminal courts to practice their political rights pending court verdicts against them, an anonymous judicial source said on Friday.

Article 3 of the law is being amended, as it states now that those who are interdicted, who are mentally ill, who are detained, and those who are declared bankrupt for five years shall be banned to practice their political rights.

The article is amended to include that those referred to criminal courts shall be prevented from practicing the political rights during their trials pending court verdicts, the source told Youm7.

President Adly Mansour decided to send the State Council this amendment, before the legislature section will start mulling it on Saturday, the source noted.

Legislature section head Madgy al-Agatty had previously said the political right law does not prevent those who face criminal trials to practice their political rights as long as there are no judicial sentences against them. That means the toppled President Hosni Mubarak and ousted President Mohamed Morsi have right to practice their political rights. The proposed amendment would prevent them to use this right, including running for president.

The second article provides that those who sentenced in any crime shall not practice his political rights for five years since the issuance date of the verdict as long as the verdict is not suspended or the sentenced person’s reputation is not legally restored.

Originally Published in Youm7.

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