Saudi designation of MB as terrorist group receives praise
Tahani El-Gibali - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

ALEXANDRIA and CAIRO: A number of Egyptian diplomats and political actors praised Saudi Arabia’s Friday decision to designate the Muslim brotherhood, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and in Yemen, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Nusra Front, and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations.

Yasser al-Adl, a leading Nour Party member, said on Friday that all countries “had the right to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization to protect their national security and maintain stability.”

“Saudi Arabia’s decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization is a precautionary measure to prevent potential riots from erupting on its land,” Adl told Youm7.

He added that the decision reflects Saudi support for Egypt and the strong level of cooperation and solidarity between the two countries.

“The important decision reflects Saudi care for its national affairs and the security of the whole region,” Former Supreme Constitutional Court Vice President Tahani Al-Gibali said during a phone call to Al-Tahrir TV Channel Friday night.

Sheikh Mazhar Shahin praised the Saudi decision on his Twitter account and called on all countries “to follow the same example and purify the whole world from such evil.”

Samir Sabry, a lawyer who had filed a lawsuit to designate the Brotherhood a terrorist group, praised the decision in Friday press statements, adding that it was the first step towards the restoration of Arab unity.

Egyptian diplomats also praised Saudi Arabia’s decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood and the other organizations as terrorist groups.

“The decision illustrates the state of confrontation between Saudi Arabia and such organizations,” Hussein Hareedy, former assistant foreign minister, told Youm7 Friday.

He added that the decisions taken by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain to withdraw their envoys from Qatar show that the Gulf Cooperation Council “discovered that the Brotherhood is seeking to seize power in these countries.”

He said the Saudi decision came before U.S. President Barack Obama’s scheduled visit to Saudi Arabia next week, adding that such timing “embarrasses the U.S. administration … Which still supports the Brotherhood.”

Hareedy added that the Saudi decision to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization would negatively affect Saudi-Iranian relations.

Saudi Arabia’s decision supports the Egyptian position, said Ezzat Saad, Egypt’s former ambassador to Russia, adding that the rest of the Gulf countries would soon follow suit.

Additional reporting by Roufadya Awadein, Mohamed Al-Adawy, Ahmed Gomaa, Hazem Meklad, Mahmoud Abdel Rady.

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