Arguments raise “interior,” “high education” protocol to secure universities
Laila Soueif - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: There was heated controversy among different university spectrums following the news about a signed protocol between both the ministries of High Education and Interior to secure governmental universities.

The Dean of Faculty of House of Science Mohamed Saleh Tawfiq said he agrees with the protocol if it provides stability and security on university campuses since students aim to study, not to riot. He told Youm7 there will be more calm in the second semester than the first one.

Tawfiq said any student who is proven to have participated in any riot acts during the second semester will be dismissed.

The mid-year vacation was extended twice since the original schedule due to security unrest; the second semester will start for all universities on March 9.

Member of Match 9 Movement for universities Laila Soueif said the decision to place Ministry of Interior forces outside university campuses is unwise, noting that there are increasing problems between the youth and the ministry.

Soueif said the problems evolved since the police forces were not held accountable for their mistakes and the presence of security forces outside the university campuses will blow up the heated situation between both sides.

Head of Students’ Union of Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University Ahmed Khalaf said when the distance between the security forces and students is smaller, there were more problems.

Khalaf said the students no longer trust the ministry leaders due to abuses practiced by security forces, leading to the deaths of four students during the first semester.

The current government chose an easy solution by allowing the Ministry of Interior to disperse riots, Khalaf said.

Khalaf suggested a committee to be allocated in the Ministry of High Education tasked with the security situation inside universities campuses to train administrative security individuals on how to deal with student riots.

Originally published in Youm7.

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