First day at schools after postponement for 30 days
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CAIRO: The second school academic term resumed after the vacation for school students that lasted 30 days for security reasons. The start of the school term was postponed two successive times amid parent’s fear over their children due to the tension in the streets, which started after ousting former President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2013 and due to the spread of seasonal diseases such as the bird flu and swine flu.

The Ministry of Education formed an operation room to monitor the educational process, which started on Saturday, at 12,344 private and governmental schools and 26 percent of the total republic schools, Ministry of Education spokesperson Ahmed Helmy told The Cairo Post from the operation room Saturday.

“The operation room, lead by the Minister of Education Mohamed Mahmoud Aboul Nasr, is in contact with 25 educational directorates across the republic,” Helmy said. “The rest of the schools, approximately 47,500 government and private schools, will resume Sunday.”

Concerning the security plans to protect students within their school days, Helmy said there is a protocol between the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior to secure all educational establishments to provide security for the students and teachers.

In Beheira, a father of a nine-year-old boy filed a report at the police station, accusing two students, 12 and 13, of sexual assault on his son. The accused are residents in the same village, Mahal Behsr, where they sexually assaulted his son, who is in primary school, a Youm7 correspondent reported Saturday.

After investigations, the police arrested the two involved students after they admitted to committing the sexual assault and will be referred to prosecution.

“The operation room did not get a notification of this case,” Helmy added. “The educational operations are stable up until this moment, except in two schools in Asyut.” One of those schools is Der Shour Primary School, where its students protested on campus on Saturday due to the school’s bad condition and demanded a new school building.

The students are afraid the school building will collapse at any time because it is too old and in poor condition, according to a Youm7 correspondent.

Also in Asyut, the students of Dar Heraq and Al-Andalus Secondary Schools, which belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, protested and rejected the change of their school name to The Schools of June 30, according to Youm7.

The headmasters of those schools were able to control the students and their problems to start the first day of the academic term, Helmy said, without clarifying about the details.

After the remarkable spread of the H1N1 flu and the bird flu in Egypt, Helmy said the ministry is cooperating with the Ministry of Health by distributing books for students to spread awareness among them about the seasonal diseases and about the protective procedures to avoid them.

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