Young filmmaker anticipates leap in independent cinema
Mariam Abou Ouf

CAIRO: The upcoming period in the film industry will witness a huge leap in the world of independent cinema, says young, up-and-coming filmmaker Mariam Abou Ouf.

According to Abou Ouf, production costs of independent films are cheap and do not depend on production companies but rather on the filmmakers’ self-efforts.

Independent films created in Egypt could reach international film festivals just as much as independent films from other parts of the world, said Abou Ouf, adding that the world would be eager to view the messages coming out of Egyptian cinema nowadays.

Abou Ouf called on the industry’s known producers to take risks in order to save the industry since they were the ones who benefited from it in the past, therefore they should give back to the film industry today.

Abou Ouf’s work includes the short film, ‘Tahrir 2/2,’ which was part of the ‘18Days’ film project featuring a series of 18 short films detailing different days of the January 25 Revolution. The film was screened at various international film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, the Baghdad Film Festival and the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.



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