Two Brotherhood members arrested for inciting violence in Fayoum
Security Forces

FAYOUM, Egypt: Security forces arrested two members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), accusing them of inciting violence in Fayoum.

Fayoum is one of the major governorates in Egypt with large demonstrations supporting the Brotherhood. Many Brotherhood leaders livethere.

Director of Fayoum security, Major General al-Shafei Hassan, organized and supervised a security crackdown in Fayoum.

During the crackdown, security forces arrested one member of the Administrative Office of the MB in Fayoum, Hassan Abdel-Salam, and one MB member from Fayoum, Mohamed Imam Dahesh, who is also an engineer in the National Authority for Drinking Water.

These two members were wanted by the Public Prosecutor in accordance with the National Security Agency in order to investigate them under the charges of inciting violence.


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