Secondary students in Asyut refused to enter classes
Girls at Ramsis Collage school in Cairo - YOUM7/Amr Moustafa

ASYUT, Egypt: Secondary students at Dar Hera and al-Andalous schools, which are affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, refused to enter their classes Saturday in protest against the change of the schools’ names to June 30 Schools.

The Directorate of Education in Asyut started implementing the issued verdict to change the names of Dar Heraa schools to June 30 Schools when the Ministry of Education undertook administration of the schools and assigned a financial deputy for each school.

Security forces were stationed in front of both Dar al-Haraa, al-Aqsa, and al-Andalous schools to prevent any potential riots.

Minister of Education Mohamed Aboul Nasr issued a ministerial decree in Jan. 2014 to form a board of directors for the schools affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood. The board was called Board of Directors of June 30 Schools.

Minister of Education Hossam Eissa and the Supreme Council of Universities announced that the second half of the academic year will begin as scheduled on Feb. 22. They later announced on Feb. 19 evening that it was delayed when the pro-Mohamed Morsi National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called for university students to protest at the start of the academic term.

The Cabinet decided on Feb. 19 to postpone the second academic term for schools and universities by two weeks until security was restored and the efficiency of security installations in dormitories was increased. The Cabinet announced the term will resume on Mar. 8.

This is the second consecutive time the Cabinet delays the start of the second semester. It was originally scheduled to start on Feb. 16 and the government delayed classes to Feb. 22.

Schools started the first day of school on Saturday after it was delayed twice.

Additionally reported by Haitham al-Badry and Doha Saleh.

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