Egypt and Saudi advisors meet in Jeddah
Presidential media advisor, Ahmed El-Meslemany - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Presidential media advisor Ahmed el-Meslemany met the Saudi king’s advisor His Royal Highness Prince Mansour bin Nasser bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud in Jeddah Saturday to discuss bilateral ties.

“The Egyptian-Saudi relations are the basis of establishing the new Arabic system. Cairo and Riyadh have the same vision of facing any regional or international covetousness, redrafting the Arabic system and dealing with the transformations of the global systems quickly and seriously,” Meslemany said in a press statement after the meeting.

“Egypt strongly supports Saudi efforts to combat terrorism, and it urges all countries and people in the region to cooperate and to unite in order to consolidate moderation, tolerance and to renounce violence and extremism,” said Meslemany.

Meslemany said the fight against terrorism is not a fight of a regime against opposition, but of the Arab Islamic civilization against extremists, and “the future does not have enough space for both….There is no substitute for the victory of the civilization project against those who call for despair and nothingness.”

Egyptian Consul General in Jeddah Adel al-Alfy and the General Manager of Mecca’s branch of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information Saud bin Ali al-Shiekhi also attended the meeting.
Originally published in Youm7.

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