Students protest against police at first day of 2nd semester
Ain Shams University students - YOUM7/Maher Eskandar

CAIRO: Students of Ain Shams University, sympathizing with the Muslim Brotherhood, organized a march at campus earlier on Sunday, protesting against the presence security guards inside campus and demanding the release of their detained colleagues.

Students fired fireworks and chanted against police and army, holding signs saying  “Freedom for students,” and pictures of their killed colleague Abdel Rahman Yousry. Security forces intensified their existence to control the situation.

Yousry was killed on January 12 during clashes between security forces and students at Ain Shams University.

At Helwan University, anti-government students protested too, using fireworks for the same reasons. Students chanted slogans against police and army.

The demonstrations did not affect the regularity of educational day at the university.

Student protests, which started in September 2013 with the beginning of the first semester, resulted in postponing the second semester which was scheduled to start in February, until conditions got more peaceful for students. There were predicts to cancel the second semester as a whole, which led to the cancellation of parts of the curriculums by the Education Ministry. Besides, the ministry decided on the return of security forces inside the campus to crackdown protests.

According to statistics published by the Monitor of Students of Freedom on March 7, 176 students had been killed in Egyptian universities by security forces this academic year during clashes, and another 1347 had been detained.

Addititional reporting by Mahmoud Ragheb and Kholoud Khairi.

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