Hundreds of thousands of students flock to schools as second semester begins
Minister of Education Mahmoud Abou el-Nasr - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of students flocked to their schools and universities as the first day of the second semester began; after having been postponed two times due to instability in the country.

Schools witnessed high attendance rates amid intensive security measures.

Education Minister Mahmoud Abou el-Nasr visited a number of governmental schools Sunday to follow up on student attendance.

Preventive precautions were imposed to counter the spread of the seasonal flu virus, Ministry of Education spokesperson Ahmed Helmy told The Cairo Post Sunday.

He said examination dates would not be postponed, adding that that ministry would “do its best to balance between school curricula, study periods, and exam dates.”

Director of Maadi’s Educational Department, Sayeda Abdel Raouf, told Youm7 that the situation inside schools was stable and said operations rooms had been formed inside each school to monitor outbreaks of diseases such as the “bird and swine flu viruses.”

Raouf said pamphlets raising awareness on proper hygiene precautions were distributed by the Ministry of Health to students.

Despite the precautions, some Egyptians were fearful.

A mother of a 15-year-old girl expressed fear for her child’s safety citing “potential violent acts by Muslim Brotherhood students,” and told The Cairo Post that she demands that the minister of education postpone the second semester.

“This year looks different. We are all afraid of the bird flu virus and MB attacks,” a student at El-Gawad Hosni Language School told The Cairo Post.

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