Egypt Press Review: March 10

Youm7 press


Egypt presented six demands Sunday to the Arab League, namely that they counter “terrorism,” avoid sheltering “terrorists” and their sponsors, cooperate to hand over fugitives who have been charged in “terrorism”-related cases, and to provide necessary help for investigations regarding “terrorism”-related cases.

Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi launched a campaign to build one million homes for youth and low-income citizens. The project will be completed within five years in cooperation with Emirati Arabtec Construction and will provide one million job opportunities.


·        Interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab: I will not resort to privatization.

·      Source close to Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission: Presidential candidacy registration begins March 19. Elections will be held May 21 and 22.

·      Presidential advisor for constitutional matters Ali Awad: Government is to amend political rights and parliamentary elections laws.

·      Doctors and pharmacists continue their partial strike for the second consecutive day.

·      Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou: Germany is to abolish travel ban for German citizens to South Sinai next April.

·      Granting immunity to Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission raises uproar among presidential candidate campaigns.

 Ahram press


Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker said electricity prices have not been raised since January 2013 and there is no intention to raise it now.

Minister of Health Adel al-Adawy formed a negotiating committee with doctors to study their demands to end their strike and end the crisis.


·        Three month time limit for the government to answer worker demands.

·      Ministry of Irrigation: High alert in governorates to face water shortage.

·      Saudi Arabia Minister of Foreign Affairs Saud Faisal: Saudi Arabia supports Egypt in implementing the roadmap.

·        Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab opens Cairo International Fair March 19 with the participation of 10 countries and 750 companies.

 Akhbar press


Lawyers’ Syndicate Secretary General in Beheira Gamal Khattab filed the first appeal of the presidential elections law before the Alexandria state council court.

Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Investment Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour announced a deal with an Emirati company for investment in Egypt worth 16.5 billion EGP ($2.37 billion) that will provide 42,000 job opportunities.


·      Government discusses using coal in cement companies to end its fuel crisis.

·      New axis at a 850 million EGP ($122.12 million) cost to solve Giza governorate traffic problems.

·      Bad weather across Egypt.

·      Minister of Transport Ibrahim el-Demeiry: Cairo governorate is unable to maintain Azhar tunnel.

·      Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker: Restructuring support system will not affect low-income citizens.

·      Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission launches presidential race during its meeting on Tuesday.

·        Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs support countering “terrorism.”

 Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

National Council for Women head Mervat Tallawy said sexual harassment is systematic and a habit, the situation of women during the regime of ousted President Mohamed Morsi was bad, and the council does not support any presidential candidates.

Minister of Education Mahmoud Abou el-Nasr said there will be penalty procedures for the teachers who use politics inside schools.


·      Clashes erupted between police and Cairo University Muslim Brotherhood students, which included teargas and fireworks.

·      Government offsets markets prices by reducing prices in trade complexes.

·      Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdul Muttalib: Two years needed in order to remove violations along the Nile.

·      Doctors and pharmacists’ strike includes 80 percent of public hospitals.

·      Fact-finding committee on June 30 events spokesperson Omar Marwan: Citizens fear to give their testimonies about the events and we will announce any side that refuses to cooperate. 

·      Nine dead and 30 injured in tourist bus accident on Hurghada road.

·      Takfiri suspect killed in Sharqia, and police officer killed during his pursuit.

 Al-Shorouq press


The interim government began implementing many development projects in the Hala’ib Triangle to assure its dependency on Egyptian lands.

Minister of Transportation Ibrahim el-Demeiry said that the World Bank expects an increase in Egypt’s development rate to 10 percent, while Minister of International Cooperation and Planning Ashraf al-Araby said the ministry hopes the rate will pass two percent and Egypt’s economy needs investment worth 500 billion EGP.


·      United Nations announces the opening of women’s office in Cairo.

·      Public transportation workers’ strike jams Alexandria’s traffic.

·      Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s campaign rejects granting immunity to Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission decisions.

·      Revolutionary factions: Presidential elections law raises doubts.

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