7pm News Wrapup March 10

Egypt witnessed a rare thunderstorm Sunday night, with torrential rains causing flooding in Upper Egypt governorates especially in Asyut. Military announced a project to construct one million housing units for low-income citizens, in cooperation with UAE construction company Arbatec.

News & Politics:

Dar Al-Ifta warns against the spread of takfiri thought and the consequent bloodshed and loss of life it brings about.  It said such thought is used to realize political gains and achieve the goals of certain factions.

Sisi receives message from Senegalese President Macky Sall outlining the latest developments in Africa and calling for a boost in bilateral ties and partnerships between the two countries in different fields.

Doctors continue open partial strike in hospitals and bodies affiliated to the Ministry of Health for third day in a row.

Politicians and organizations oppose amendments to the presidential elections law immunizing the decisions of the Presidential Electoral Commission.


The Central Bank of Egypt auctioned 5 billion EGP ($718 million) in long-term treasury bonds Monday on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.

EFG-Hermes to promote the projects of 25 Egyptian companies operating in the sectors of tourism, banks, real estate, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, food industries and others in Dubai .


Claims that labor strikes caused the resignation of Beblawy’s government.

Egypt’s waste disposal crisis presents a critical threat to human health and the surrounding natural resources. Waste could also offer major economic opportunities if appropriately processed.

Editor’s Pick:

Women’s protection in the new constitution: New constitution establishes a standard for women’s rights that was absent from previous constitutions.


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