National Coalition to Support Legitimacy calls for 11 days of protest
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CAIRO: Under the slogan, “The street is ours…together for salvation,” the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy (NCSL) called for a new wave of protests beginning March 19 and continuing for 11 consecutive days, according to a statement Monday.

The coalition said that it welcomes the participation of families of those killed, injured and detained, and is responding to a call for protests by the Anti-Coup Youth Movement.

The NCSL also said the protests come in response to a field study it has conducted, and the 11 days of protest are based on ”remarks and requests” from demonstrators who participated in the protests following the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.

The coalition said it selected March 19 because it marks the day in 2011, less than two months following the toppling of former President Hosni Mubarak, that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces held a constitutional referendum on political reforms including limiting the presidency to two six-year terms, judicial supervision of elections and a requirement for a vice president.

“SCAF ruined the results of the constitutional referendum and the revolution accordingly,” the statement said. “NCSL aims to restore and continue the revolutionary path.”

The statement listed several goals for the 11 days of demonstrations including retribution for those killed, constitutional legitimacy, “activating the democratic path and achieving social justice and human dignity,” along with “thwarting the plans of Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and his Zionist-U.S. allies to convert Egypt to a state dependant on the U.S.”

Originally published in Youm7.

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