MOI spox: No indication of Anan assassination attempt
Samy Anan - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Iman Abdel-Kader, director of Lieutenant General Samy Anan’s office, said in a press statement that Anan survived an assassination attempt on Monday shortly after he left his office at 5:20 p.m.

However Ministry of Interior spokesperson Major General Hany Abdellatif told Youm7 that an investigation and witness testimony showed there was no assassination attempt and such reports are “propaganda” because Anan is planning to run in the presidential elections.

The ministry didn’t receive a report about the incident at the time, but Giza security directorate leaders responded to his office when they heard about it and conducted an investigation, Abdellatif said.

The statement from Anan’s office said his doorman reported to Anan that a car was following him when he left his office, and Anan’s driver noticed two cars following them. The driver changed his direction, driving opposite to the traffic flow, but the cars were still after him, the statement said. Eventually they lost the cars, the statement said.

The cars’ descriptions and license plate numbers were given to detectives, the statement said, adding that security authorities should protect him, his family and work colleagues.

“Such cheap and despicable attempts, have not intimidated me and will not deter me from my intention, and will not pay off. All these attempts will shatter,” Anan told Youm7.

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