Doctors’ Syndicate in Suez: There is no retaliation against doctor
Egyptian doctors strike - YOUM7 (Archive)

SUEZ: A woman claiming that she is the doctors strike coordinator in Suez, Dr. Nehal Thabet, told Youm7 on Monday that she was transferred from her place of work because of her efforts as a strike coordinator.

Thabet described the transfer decision as “an abuse of power,” adding that all doctors who took part in the strike received threats of transfer to distant workplaces as a punishment to force them to end their strike.

The Doctors’ Syndicate in Suez issued a statement on Monday stating that there is no female physician acting as a strike coordinator, which is a task only assigned to Dr. Hazem Shawky.

The statement added that news of the Health Affairs Directorate General in Suez retaliating against Thabet because she is a strike coordinator in Suez “is not true.”

“Dr. Nehal previously demanded to be transferred from where she worked due to a work conflict with her manager,” the statement said. The hospital she had requested for a transfer did not need additional physicians so she was transferred to another hospital.

The statement added that the decision was approved two days before the doctors strike.

Doctors held a partial strike for one day on March 6 to demand the development of the health system in Egypt. Dr. Mohamed Salam of the Doctors’ Syndicate in Suez told Youm7 that the doctors returned to work and are waiting for the general syndicate’s decision whether to hold another strike.

Shawky, the strike coordinator in Suez, said that 90 percent of doctors participated in last week’s strike. Outpatient clinics stopped operating and doctors only treated critical and emergency patients, he said.

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