Arab Network for Media Support report highlights discrimination, press freedom
Press Syndicate headquarter - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: “Al-Sawt Al-Hurr,” also known as the Arab Network for Media Support, held a seminar Thursday about its eighth media report, which discusses developments in the Egyptian media in 2013, highlighting discrimination and issues concerning press freedom.

Amina el-Nakash, managing editor of Al-Ahaly newspaper and Press Syndicate member, said during the seminar that when she was appointed to her position one of her colleagues left work because he did not want a woman to lead him.

Hanan Fikri, another Press Syndicate member, talked about the sexual harassment she experienced during the Abasseya events in May 2012, which resulted in the killing of 11 people when armed men attacked demonstrators and security forces had to interfere to stop the clashes.

During the seminar, the network said that 40 percent of the syndicate’s members are females who say that discrimination in the workplace is less than before.

The report also mentioned the closure of the Freedom and Justice newspaper, and the continued print of Al-Ahram despite a debt of 9 million EGP.

Additionally, the report mentioned the journalists strike at al-Messa and Maspero Magazine due to a delay in paying their salaries and other concerns.

The release of journalist Ahmed Abu Deraa who was sentenced to six months in prison for charges of publishing false news in September 2013 was also mentioned in the report.

Al-Sawt Al-Hurr also mentioned the attacks against journalists and on press freedom by supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi.
One of the attacks targeted crewmembers from Al-Hayah channel in Salah Salem on Sept. 13, where Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked the media crew and destroyed their equipments.

Gunmen in Kerdasa detained Journalists for one hour before security forces managed to free them, in addition to an attempt to kill journalist Khaled Dawoud on Oct. 6, and the disappearance of Youm7 reporter Hatem Gamal the same day.

The network also talked about the decision of the Administrative Court to stop broadcasting Al-Jazeera’s Mubasher Misr and Yarmouk channels, as well as the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones decision to halt the broadcasting of Faraeen channel for two months due to obscene language in one of the programs.

During the seminar, Press Syndicate member Hanan Beshry also insisted that the syndicate refuse to present journalists for any kind of trials regarding published material.

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