Egyptian State Council

Arabic: مجلس الدولة

Established in 1946

Egyptian State Council is one of the three pillars that form the judicial authority in Egypt, including the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation, and the Supreme Administrative Court). They are within the five judicial bodies in Egypt; the Judicial Courts, headed by the Egyptian Court of Cassation; the Supreme Constitutional Court, which is made up of one court; the Administrative Court, represented by the Egyptian State Council; the Prosecution Administrative Authority; and the State Litigation Authority.

The Egyptian State Council was established based on the French State Council in 1946 and is responsible for administrative disputes between individuals and governing bodies in the state and canceling governmental decisions and compensation. It consists of three section, judiciary division, fatwa department, and the legislation department.

The judicial division includes four types of courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Administrative Court, the courts of administrative, disciplinary courts, and the Board of State Commissioners.

The department includes fatwa departments or sections specialized formulation of legal opinion about issues and advising the government on legal matters.

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