Floods and heavy rain in throughout governorates in Egypt – report
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Heavy rain for two consecutive days in Egypt caused strong floods and damage in different governorates In Egypt. The rains on Sunday and Monday flooded 35 acres of agricultural land in 15 different village in Asyut and displaced hundreds of citizens since the floods destroyed the dams previously built by the army forces in Wady Al-Sheikh.

Secretary of education Directorate of Asyut said that 99 schools were suspended, which left 28,000 students at their homes in the governorate, because of the floods.

Asyut governor General Ibrahim Hammad visited the affected areas to make sure that there are no human losses. He will coordinate with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab, promising to compensate the affected houses and agricultural lands.

There was an accident in Asyut on Thursday night when two vehicles collided due to the remnant water, mud puddles, and high speed. Twenty passengers died and two were injured on the Cairo – Asyut desert road.

“There will be appropriate will to those affected by the floods,” Hammad said on Monday evening during his phone interview on CBC Extra channel.

Hamad said the damages are yet to be determined, stressing that many areas in Asyut are now suffering due to the floods, especially in the Wady Al-Sheikh district.

No causalities were reported up until now and government will compensate people who lost their houses or lands, Hamad emphasized.

In Luxor, 147 houses were affected by the floods, most of them with cracks in the ceiling, according to Governor of Luxor Alaa Al-Harass. Some civil societies managed to provide immediate aid for those affected by the floods, mostly with rations and blankets.

Governor of North Sinai Khaled Fouda said the international road was opened again on Monday after suspension due to the floods since rocks and sand were falling on it because of the rains. Youm7 reported the collapse of four houses and some sidelines in the governorate.

In Sohag , Youm7 reported that small dams collapsed in 1994, which were built only with rocks with no cement. They violate the technical standards, which is why they were not able to resist the floods which affected agricultural lands and homes in the governorate.

Governor of Sohag Mahmoud Ateeq said that floods caused three cuts in the Sohag – Red Sea bridge as a result of torrential rain and the rush of severe floods, adding that the road gates are closed until they are completely repaired.

In the Red Sea governorate, roads were flooded and vehicles traffic was suspended in the road from Raas Ghareb to Hurghada for 15 kilometers. Hurghada International Airport witnessed a crisis when an electricity blackout due to leaked water from the ceiling.

Nine were killed and 35 injured in a bus accident in Hurghada on Saturday due to the bad weather.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab held a meeting with the Ministers of Housing, of Transport, and both Cairo and Giza governors to discuss the current situation and how to deal with the floods.

Mahlab assigned the Arab contractors company to find engineering solutions to prevent the accumulation of rain water in tunnels in priority areas, which causes traffic congestion.

Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdul Muttalib ended his visit to Uganda prematurely after one. He came back to Egypt to follow up on the situation in the affected governorates.

Generally all governorates were assigned companies and governmental vehicles to clear water floods so the traffics could return to normal again.

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