Senegalese envoy to Egypt quashes MB hopes to find allies in Africa
Senegalese President Macky Sall - Photo courtesy of rnw

CAIRO: The Senegalese visit to Egypt on Monday sparked a rebuttal to the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy’s previous claims that they had garnered support from African countries, following the Senegalese statements in support of the Egyptian government and roadmap.

The recent statement of the Senegalese government backing the restoration of Egypt’s membership in the African Union represents a remarkable shift and a slam to the Muslim Brotherhood, Assistant Secretary General of El-Haraka El-Wataniya Party Hisham el-Haram told Youm7 on Tuesday.

In late February, a Muslim Brotherhood delegation visited several countries, including Senegal, and met with foreign officials to discuss the oppression they are facing from the Egyptian authorities under the leadership of Field Marshal Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi.

However, Sisi received a special envoy from Senegal on Monday, who handed over a message from Senegalese President Macky Sall, affirming the importance of Egypt’s regional and international position.

“The visit is a clear sign that Senegal supports Egypt in its war against terrorism,” Haram extrapolated.

The Senegalese visit is a gesture that contradicts the statements from the Muslim Brotherhood delegation that claimed that their visit was fruitful and garnered support for the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, he added.

Moreover, Senegalese Consul to Cairo Sall Mamoudou denied the claims of Muslim Brotherhood delegation that the Senegalese government ever supported the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy.

“The Senegalese government has historical bilateral relations with the Egyptian government and totally understand that June 30 was a public revolution,” said Mamoudou.

“I expect that other African countries, particularly in the west, will send delegations to Egypt supporting the democratic path and the road map,” he added.

Further, Amany Al Taweel, Head of the African Affairs Department at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that the visit boosts not only the bilateral relations, but also the partnership between Egypt and other West African states.

Taweel affirmed the doubts that the visit of the Muslim Brotherhood delegation to Senegal was as fruitful as they claimed.

The relations between the African countries and Egypt are always represented through official ranks, and not through opposition groups, said Taweel.

She added that most African states no longer trust the Muslim Brotherhood regime figures, as they “have lost their credibility.”

Taweel further commented that the visit is a response to the recent efforts by Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy, after he visited the Nile Basin countries, and other African countries.

“Following Saudi Arabia’s declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, African countries are not willing to threaten their relations with the Saudis,” she added.

Originally published in Youm7.

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