National Salvation Front meeting discusses future, presidential elections
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CAIRO: The National Salvation Front held a meeting Monday at Al-Wafd Party headquarters to discuss the current state and future of the coalition as well as the upcoming presidential elections.

Amr Ali, a member of the executive bureau of the National Salvation Front Youth, told Youm7 Tuesday that the front will continue to play a role in politics at least until after parliamentary elections and the formation of a new government.

The front played a role in the formation of the new constitution, and its role in politics will not end until the formation of a new civil democratic government is complete, Ali added.

Head of Al-Wafd Party El-Sayyed el-Badawy said Monday that the coalition will not back any one in the presidential elections and that parties have the right to choose any candidate according to their electoral program.

The front discussed four aims that the coalition will work on in the near future, including protecting the democratic path, participation in the construction of a new political system in Egypt, protecting the implementation of the constitution, and ensuring that the current government enforces the articles in the adopted constitution.

Former head of the 50-member committee Amr Moussa told Youm7 on Monday that the front discussed its role in the current political scene and the arrangements for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

“The front will later discuss fortifying the Presidential Electoral Commission,” Moussa added.

In a phone call with Al-Arabiya Channel on Monday, Conference Party spokesperson Khaled Dawoud said the front’s meeting also set forth a demand that would request that the president increase the ration of the electoral list system.

“Despite the previous meeting with the presidency regarding the parliamentary elections, the current trend of the presidency reveals their intention to issue the law depending on the individual list by 70 or 80 percent which the front believes will lead to an ineffective parliament,” said Dawoud

The front’s meeting was attended by the head of Al-Wafd Party El-Sayyed el-Badawy, the general secretariat of Al-Wafd Party Fouad Badrawy, the former head of the 50-member committee Amr Moussa, Conference Party leader and former Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed al-Araby, former Sports Minister Taher Abu Zeid, member of the 50-member committee Mohamed Abou el-Ghar, head of the Lawyers Syndicate Sameh Ashour, and former Solidarity Minister Ahmed Boraie.

Additional reporting by Alaa Essam.

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