Dispute erupts as Anan confirms the assassination attempt, while police denies
Sami Anan - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Former Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces Samy Anan said he was targeted by assailants in an unsuccessful assassination attempt, shortly after leaving his office in Dokki on Monday, while the Interior Ministry spokesperson denied the claims.

Anan told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper on Tuesday that he survived unscathed, and that he will announce the details later on.

According to a statement from his media office, released on Monday, the former chief was chased by two vehicles, but his driver managed to escape shortly after leaving his office en route to his home.

Anan added to Al-Shraq Al-Awsat that his own guard identified the terrorists who tried to assassinate him, clarifying that “it was not the first time to be targeted by those elements.”

Meanwhile, on Tahrir TV channel, a conference call between Anan’s son Samir and the Interior Ministry spokesperson Hany Abdel Latif saw the latter deny any claims that there was an assassination.

Abdel Latif announced that the security agencies have not received any reports about the alleged attempt on the life of the former chief of staff.

He added that the security apparatuses of the Giza Security Directorate went to Anan’s office, but their investigations proved that the allegations are groundless.

“He is a military man and he realizes the seriousness of this matter very well and he knows that he should have filed a report about it,” Abdel Latif said, directing his speech to Anan.

Anan’s son responded, condemning the ministry for raising doubts over Anan’s statements, and reaffirming that the assassination attempt took place.

Samir Anan added that Anan’s office released a detailed statement about the case, and will take legal measures.

He clarified that Samy Anan’s guard, and the guard of another public figure, was accompanying Anan, however refusing to reveal their names. He added that the two guards were able to identify the license plate numbers of the two vehicles, and all the details will be passed on to the investigating bodies.

Various unofficial announcements have circulated over Samy Anan’s bid for presidency, which were met by claims that he was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

His campaign has since announced the suspension of his presidential bid.

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