National Coalition to Support Legitimacy calls for demonstrations March 19
Pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters - YOUM7/Mohamed Awad

CAIRO: With the presidential elections fast approaching, the Muslim Brotherhood’s National Coalition to Support Legitimacy called for a new wave of protests to begin on March 19 and continue for 11 consecutive days under the slogan “The Street is Ours … Together for Salvation.”

According to a Monday press statement, the coalition has a set of demands that will be showcased during the 11 days of protests, which include retribution for those killed, constitutional legitimacy, activating the democratic path and achieving social justice and human dignity. The statement also mentioned the coalition aims to thwart “the plans of Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi … to convert Egypt to a state dependant on the U.S.”

Cairo University Political Science Professor Hassan Nafaa told The Cairo Post that the Muslim Brotherhood is just trying to put pressure on the current regime, adding that such a call would increase polarization and violence in the country.

The Brotherhood has to give up this wrong strategy in dealing with the current situation, Nafaa said, calling on the Brotherhood to adopt the national reconciliation initiative in order to remove current tensions.

Dissident Muslim Brotherhood Youth Coalition coordinator Amr Emara described this call as “political ignorance,” stressing that the Brotherhood would not be able to mobilize.

“This has actually been proven over the past months,” Emara told The Cairo Post.

“We will hold a press conference Wednesday to announce an initiative for national reconciliation, and will give them a month long deadline,” Emara said, adding that the reconciliation rejection will be the biggest proof that the group seeks violence over peace.

Member of the executive office for the National Salvation Front Youth Omar el-Gendy said the Muslim Brotherhood’s call for a sit-in beginning March 19 is a failed attempt to disrupt the road map and democratic transition taking place in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood has lost all of its popularity in the street, and it no longer has supporters to meet its call, Gendy told Youm7.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s call for demonstrations on March 19 is considered “playing in lost time,” Secretary General of the Tagammu Party Magdy Sharabia told Youm7, stressing that there is no legitimacy for a president whose people revolted against him and is now being tried in several cases.

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