7 pm News Wrapup March 11

At least 21 people were killed and another 21 were injured in a bus accident in Suez on Tuesday morning.

A smoke bomb was found in Cairo University residence campus and was handled by bomb squads leaving no damages.

Sixty five people died while 113 were injured during three days of bad weather in Egypt, floods and sand storms.


News & Politics

Former Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces Samy Anan claimed an assassination was attempted on his life on Monday, while the Ministry of Interior denied the claims in a televised debate between the latter’s son and a ministerial official.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy issued a press statement condemning Saudi Arabia for considering the Brotherhood a “terrorist organization” on March 7.

The National Salvation Front held a meeting Monday at Wafd Party headquarters to discuss the current state and future of the coalition as well as the upcoming presidential elections, called for by presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi.

Interior Minister Major General Mohamed Ibrahim left on Tuesday to Morocco to take part in the 31st session of the Arab Interior Ministers Council meeting, due to kick off in Marakesh city on Wednesday and run for two days.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab is to receive a list of 1137 student names of detained students to review their potential release.



Egypt’s tourism industry “is at rock bottom,” and occupancy rates of resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh and the Red Sea have declined to 48 percent, down from 55 percent a week earlier.



“Al-Sawt Al-Hurr,” also known as the Arab Network for Media Support, held a seminar Thursday about its eighth media report, which discusses developments in the Egyptian media in 2013, highlighting discrimination and issues concerning press freedom.

The murder of the Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya and the violations of discrimination against them in Syria raised a state of controversy over the position of Christian minorities in the Middle East as a whole.


Editor’s Pick

Attack on Cyrenaica unlikely: Secretary-General of Libyan party

Secretary-General of the Unity and Development Party in Libya, Muftah Lamloum al-Amin, said Monday that civil war would not erupt in the eastern Libyan city of Cyrenaica (Barqa in Arabic) because the population is small and the federalists are divided by tribal conflicts.

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