Egypt Press Review: March 12

Youm7 press


Interim President Adly Mansour is scheduled to meet Wednesday with political party representatives to discuss the presidential elections law in order to reach an agreement, said presidential advisor for constitutional affairs Ali Awad.

Doctors and pharmacists continued their partial strike in public hospitals for the fourth consecutive day in response to the Ministry of Health’s decision to issue a law regulating the medical profession.


·      Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi is to attend the presidential meeting Wednesday to discuss the presidential elections law.

·      Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is in the United Arab Emirates to follow up on joint training between the Egyptian and Emirati army.

·      Doctors are referred to prosecution for female genital mutilation of a 14-year-old girl, causing her death

·      Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly: 1.5 million families deserve social solidarity pensions.

·      Minister of Media Doria Sharaf Eddin: We are committed to Azhar’s opinion not to screen “Noah” film.

Ahram press


Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s campaign decided to pause its activities until debate around granting immunity to the decisions of the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission is resolved.

The Ministry of Health affirmed a decrease in death and infections from swine flu over the past weeks.


·        Egypt’s initiative to counter “terrorism” is to be discussed before the Arab League‘s Arab Interior Ministers meeting Wednesday.

·      Interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab discussed providing suitable areas for street vendors.

·      Minister of Irrigation Mohamed Abdul Muttalib: 60 million cubic meters of rain in Egypt. The water deficit reached 20 million cubic meters.

·      UNICEF: Syria is the most dangerous place for children worldwide.

·      Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab ensured Egypt’s support for South Sudan and its interest in cooperating with the country.

·      Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker: Electricity currents will stabilize if the necessary fuel to operate stations is provided.

Akhbar press


Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission held a meeting Monday to announce the presidential candidacy registration, and will also hold a meeting Wednesday to discuss executive regulations and the presidential elections law, a spokesperson said.

Interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab met with Central Auditing Organization head Hisham Genena and the Administrative Control Authority head Tuesday to coordinate monitoring agencies in order to counter corruption.


·        Court verdict is expected to be issued March 25 in the case regarding banning Muslim Brotherhood activities.

·       Six underground tunnels demolished in Rafah and 18 assailants and fugitives arrested.

·      Courts issued a verdict sentencing 77 suspects in Ramses Square clashes cases to three years in prison.

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s visit to the UAE aims to reach an agreement for a new loan from the UAE without any interest, a governmental source said.

Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Investment Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour said that Egypt’s energy crisis will continue through 2015, but the local production of energy in 2016 will increase, along with alternative energy sources.


·      Minister of Higher Education Wael al-Degwy: Violence by Muslim Brotherhood students has reached unacceptable level.

·       Qatar: Gulf countries withdrawal of their ambassadors will not affect Gulf security.

·      Minister of Irrigation Mohamed Abdul Muttalib: We are reviewing Congo Nile links to the Nile project.

·      South Sudan: We are seeking to end the suspension of Egypt’s membership in the African Union.

·      Egypt bids farewell to deputy head of Egypt’s Jewish community Nadia Haroun, who died on Thursday following a heart attack.

·      Ministry of Social Solidarity: Victims of heavy rains and floods will be provided compensation.

Al-Shorouq press


Minister of Environment Laila Iskander denied rumors of a Cabinet agreement to use coal as fuel in producing cement, and said that the agreement was to modify the energy fusion used in cement production.


·      Workers’ unions to present an initiative to the presidency to halt strikes.

·      81 suspects in the Rabaa Square dispersal released and another 23 Al-Azhar students released.

·      Conflicts in the National Salvation Front about the immunity of Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission decisions.

·      Minister of Administrative and Local Development Adel Labib examines governorate preparations for presidential elections.

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