First textile fair inaugurated by Saber at Cairo Opera House
One of Nahdet Fowwa foundation Kilim - Randa el-Bana for The Cairo Post

CAIRO: The Fine Arts Sector organized the first textile fair in Egypt at the Palace of Arts at the Opera House in Cairo on March 11 and will lasts until March 31. Minister of Culture Mohamed Saber Arab inaugurated the fair.

Head of Fine Arts Sector Salah el-Meligy, the fair commissaire general Soheir Osman, head of central administration of art centers Mohamed Diab, General Manager of Art centers Shahira Omran, and Manager of Palace of Arts Mohamed Ibrahim People were responsible for the fair idea.

The fair is considered a major step for textile art in Egypt because textile artists used to display their work among other types of artists during general art fairs. “Now they [textile artists] have their own fair to display their works,” the Palace of Arts at the Opera House media spokesperson Lamia Abdel Latif was quoted.

“Textile art is an important type of art, since it reflects the identity of our society and its cultural heritage,” Head of Fine Arts Sector Salah el-Meligy said in the Guide of the First Textile Fair in Egypt, according to Reuters.

The committee of judges, headed by Soheir Osman, chose the top five winners. Seven foundations and more than 200 Egyptian artists participated in the fair, according to Abdel Latif.

The first prize went to artists Aya el-Gamal and Aya Abdallah with 5,000 EGP and certificates of appreciation for their artwork. Second prize went to Norhan Hemdan and Heba Atef with 4,000 EGP and certificates of appreciation. Third prize went to Hafez Saeed and Nihal Fakhry with 3,000 EGP and certificates of appreciation. Forth prize went to Mennat-Allah Ahmed and Lamis Gamal with 2,000 EGP and certificates of appreciation. Fifth prize went to Noha el-Husseiny and Wasim Ahmed Rizk with 1,000 EGP and certificates of appreciation.

Twenty artists won the encouragement prizes. The judges committee will hand out the prizes to the winners during a ceremony on March 31, according to Abdel Latif.

Seven foundations participated in the fair with the selected artwork of their artists, including Fowwa Foundation for Kilim Rugs, Drawn Textiles House at the Fine Arts Sector, Culture Palaces Authority, Cultural Development Fund, Asala Foundation for Sponsoring Traditional and Contemporary Arts, Weesa Wasef Foundation and Amir Amin School, Abdel Latif said.

“The committee of judges was not only responsible for picking the winners but they also decided which artwork would participate and which artwork were rejected,” Abdel Lafif told The Cairo Post.

One artist, who was granted an encouragement prize, Mohamed Abo-Tabl told The Cairo Post that the judges committee gave the prizes to winners based upon the diversity in the techniques of printing, dying, and modern printing by using different textile materials and design fundamentals in artwork.

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