Eid el-Fan celebration for first time after 30-year halt
Poster for Eid el-Fan - courtesy of Cairo Opera House

CAIRO: After more than 30 years of absence, the Cairo Opera House will host Egyptian Eid el-Fan (Art Festival) in the Main Hall on March 13. Interim President Adly Mansour is expected to attend the long awaited celebration with many famous artists and public figures.

Youm7 reported the reason the festival was canceled in the 1980’s due to the rivalry between then-Minister of Information and then-Minister of Culture about which ministry should organize it.

The celebration is organized on the late prominent musician Mohammed Abdel Wahab’s birthday, was born in 1902. Art Festival will honor five late artists ,including actor Rushdy Abaza and singer Mohamed Fawzi.

Nine stars will be also honored in the festival, including Faten Hamama, Shadia, Nadia Lutfi, among others.

Famous singers Hani Shaker and Angham will perform live at the festival. Angham said on her Facebook page that she will participate in the festival, which will air on Nile Life channel at 8:00 p.m. Actress Boshra and actor Ahmed el-Saadani will host the festival, with anchors Lina Shaker, Dena Nosseir, and others.

Head of Artistic Syndicate Union musician Hani Mehanna said in a press conference March 6 in the Supreme Council of Culture about the festival.

He said Mansour will attend the festival and that “some targeted Egyptian art and culture to harm them in the past because Egypt is the Hollywood of the East.”

“Art represents Egypt’s culture and the state should honor and support it,” Mehanna told CBC channel in a phone interview.
“The most important weapon to fight terrorism is art. The festival will be similar to launching a process for creative artists and for young artists to start their own artistic lives and careers.”

“Cinema in Egypt started over 117 years ago and theater started 150 years ago. Egypt had wall paintings for 7,000 years and we have the artistic talents to contribute in international festivals,” actor Ezzat el-Alaily said.

“The festival shows appreciation for Egyptian art symbols,” Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir told al-Bawabh News and expressed his happiness for honoring these artists.

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