Clashes ignite at Mansoura, Cairo universities
A group of female pro-Muslim Brotherhood students in Cairo University - YOUM7/Kareem Abdul Kareem

CAIRO: Clashes broke out at Mansoura and Cairo universities Wednesday, as the second semester, already delayed a month, commences against a backdrop of inauspicious protests and violent collisions with security forces.

At Mansoura University after pro-Muslim Brotherhood students protested for the release of their detained colleagues and the return of dismissed students from the university, Youm7 reported.

Two security guards were injured, and pro- and anti-Brotherhood students clashed with rocks and sticks. Brotherhood students set fire to a car owned by university security, burned three motorcycles, and damaged another car near a security building inside the campus.

Students at Cairo University also demonstrated today at Dar Al Uloom Faculty, demanding the release of detained students. Students chanted against university security and administration. Students then moved their protest off campus and blocked the main road to Giza Square while shooting fireworks.

University student protests have continued on and off since the beginning of the first semester in September 2013 and resulted in the delay of the second semester, which was scheduled to start in February.

There were some expectations that the second semester would be cancelled entirely, and in an attempt to avoid further delays and violent protests the Ministry of Higher Education revised parts of the curriculum and permitted security forces on campuses to subdue violent protests.

According to statistics published by the Monitor of Students of Freedom on March 7, approximately176 students had been killed in Egyptian universities by security forces this academic year during clashes, and another 1,347 had been detained.

Additional reporting by Sherif al-Deeb, Wael Rabaeye and Osama al-Sayed.

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