MB leaders refuse initiative of dissident MB youth coalition
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The dissident Muslim Brotherhood Youth Coalition announced Wednesday an initiative to eliminate violence in the streets during a press conference held at the Egyptian Cultural Forum, ONA news agency reported Thursday.

The initiative calls for the Muslim Brotherhood to renounce violence and approve the new constitution in return for a gradual re-entrance into the political scene, coalition coordinator Amr Emara said.

The coalition’s suggestions come after a series of failed initiatives for reconciliation between the Brotherhood and the government.

Mohamed al-Sisi, a leading Brotherhood member, told Youm7 that the Brotherhood refuses the youth coalition’s initiative to resolve the current crisis and find ways to conduct negotiations between the group and the government.

Sisi also said that the Brotherhood will not recognize the roadmap, further claiming that there are no young defectors from the organization as they are the ones leading the protests.

The youth coalition was formed Aug. 1, 2013 by a group of Muslim Brotherhood youth who splintered from the Brotherhood’s vision during the aftermath of former President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Arafa.

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