Journalists’ syndicate to re-investigate 4 members
Journalists’ Syndicate - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Journalists’ Syndicate decided Wednesday to investigate four of its members following a six-hour meeting.

Hesham Younes, Osama Dawoud, Hanan Fekry are accused of “normalizing relations with Israel,” by a petition signed by 270 members of the syndicate, and Abeer Saadi is under investigation for criticizing the syndicate’s leadership on her Facebook page.

In November 2013 a delegation from the syndicate visited the city of Al-Quds, during an official visit to Gaza, and were investigated by the syndicate upon their return.

Although Egypt and Israel have maintained diplomatic relations since the Camp David Accords, in 1985 the syndicate decided to punish any journalist who “normalized” relations with Israel. The initial investigation by the syndicate of the 2013 delegation found them not guilty, but four of the group were reinvestigated following the new petition by 270 members.

Hanan Fekry told Elaph news site that she didn’t regret her visit to Al-Quds, nor did she considering it “normalization,” since she entered the area without the cooperation or permission of the Israeli authorities, and said her colleagues in the delegation did the same.

Abeer Saadi announced on her Facebook page Feb. 16 she had decided to freeze her membership, in protest of the “weak performance of the syndicate.”

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