Presidency denies issuing constitutional declaration
Adly Mansour - YOUM7 (Archive)

The presidency denied rumors that interimPresident Adly Mansour issued a constitutional declaration amending the purpose of the 50-member constitutional committee, al-Shorouq reported

The presidency confirmedin a Sundaystatement its commitment tothe terms of the roadmap of July 3and toarticles 28, 29 and 30 ofthe constitutional declaration of July 8.

Official sources inthe presidency said to al-Shorouq that the president will notissue any declarationschanging the purpose of the 50-committee from amending the 2012 constitution to drafting new one.

Minister of InteriorMajor General Mohamed Ibrahim, confirmed Saturdaythat police and army forces eliminated the “terrorist elements”wanted forbreaking into theKerdasa police station, in a Saturday statement to Youm7.

Ibrahimsaid security forces have so far arrested “99 percent” of those wanted in the Kerdasa incident,as well as recapturing a large number of weapons seized from the station.

The Supreme Administrative Court issued a final verdict that nullifies the privatizationand sale of the Tanta Company for Linen to the Saudi businessman Abdullaal-Kaaky and obligedthe state to recover the company’s properties and assets, al-Ahram reported

The court rejected the appeals of the Ministers Council and al-Kaaky on the earlier verdict andstatedthat the workers mustbe rehiredas the constitution guarantees that workers cannot be dismissed without legal justification.

Minister of Manpower and Immigration, Kamal Abu Eita,attendeda part of the session in solidarity with the workers and promised to applythe verdict, Ahram added

Al-Akhbarreported that Minister of Industry,MounirFakhry Abdel Nour, stressed that the Egyptian economy is turning the corner and achieving security in light ofpolitical stability

He said the government is keen on restoring the trust ofinvestors and foreign marketsby supporting infrastructure and incentive policies aimed at attracting investments.


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