Hamas did not contact Egypt regarding Israel-Islamic Jihad truce
Senior Hamas leader and Former Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniya - AFP/Mahmoud Hams

CAIRO: Hamas did not initiate contact with Egyptian security agencies regarding the recent  truce between Israel and Islamic Jihad ,  Mosher al-Masry, Hamas spokesperson, told Al-Mayadeen TV channel Thursday.

This came in response to the channel’s inquiry into whether Hamas communicated with Egyptian authorities to broker the truce.

Masry said Hamas knew about the attempt to reinstate the 2012 truce between Israel and Islamic Jihad, adding that Hamas supported the initiative but did not communicate with Egypt about the issue.

In 2012 a conflict had erupted between Israel and Gaza-based militants from March 9-14.

Egypt had brokered a truce deal between Israel and Islamic Jihad militants to end the conflict and implement a ceasefire.

On Thursday, “Islamic Jihad leader Khaled al-Batsh announced that a deal that had been brokered by Cairo to end the 2012 war was back in effect, provided the Israelis also complied,” Reuters reported Thursday, adding that  Batsh wrote on his official Facebook page that “following intensive Egyptian contacts and efforts, the agreement for calm has been restored.”

Masry said the Palestinians were entitled to armed resistance against Israeli military forces, adding that all Palestinian movements shared the same vision towards the current situation in Gaza.

Islamic Jihad and Israel had exchanged fire since Wednesday after Israeli forces killed three Islamic Jihad members on Tuesday.

The Wasat Party denounced Israeli Wednesday air strikes on Gaza, in a statement released on the party’s official Facebook page Thursday.

The party said the attacks “come in the context of a series of Israeli international law and human rights violations,” and condemned the “silence” of the West and Arab countries.

The party demanded that Egypt reopen the Rafah border crossing and requested Arab league support for Palestine.

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