Conflicting statements of possible reunification of April 6 movement’s two wings
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CAIRO: Although the April 6 Youth Movement and the April 6 Democratic Front claim to be cooperating in ongoing political coordination, there are conflicting reports about a possible reunification between the two.

The manager of the media office of the Democratic Front, Mohamed Fouad, told The Cairo Post Friday that there are negotiations about a possible merge between the two sides, and the step would be difficult due to many administrative problems and differences.

The Democratic Front separated from the April 6 Youth Movement in 2011 over administrative problems, commented Fouad.

Fouad added that problems between both administrations exist due to the April 6 Youth Movement’s “concept of having a general coordinator” while “we hold on to having an elected political bureau.”

“Also, they supported Morsi in the former presidential elections, while we believe that political pressure movements should not back or support a specific candidate, or else it will be biased, unless under certain conditions,” continued Fouad.

When asked about the conditions for supporting a presidential candidate, Fouad said “the candidate must represent revolutionary powers, youth, trusted history and seek to achieve revolution’s demands.”

Furthermore, Fouad signaled the history of coordination between the two sides after the separation, saying, “we cooperated by coordinating for June 30 which included other parties aiming to organize marches and protests for the June 30 Uprising.”

Following June 30, another front called the Road of the Revolution Front was formed with influencing figures and parties, among which the April 6 Youth Movement and the Democratic Front were part of, said Fouad.

Moreover, Fouad pointed out that a meeting between both political bureaus of the two sides will take place in the coming days for discussing the possible merger. He added that in case of failed discussions, coordination between both sides will continue.

Mohamed Kamal, the spokesperson for the April 6 Youth Movement who is also the deputy manager of the media bureau, denied the potential for any upcoming meetings with the Democratic Front.

Kamal told The Cairo Post that no steps for a merger have taken place so far, adding, “But we, the mother movement, welcome separated members to rejoin.”

Position on Presidential Elections   

The Democratic Front’s decision thus far is to boycott the forthcoming presidential elections, although there is no official decision yet, said Fouad.

Fouad said among the most popular reasons that would prompt the front to boycott the elections is the decision by the interim President Adly Mansour “to grant immunity to the decisions of the Supreme Electoral Commission” and the current accusation of “treason over opposing [Abdel Fatah al-Sisi] and the police.”

The front is still working on meeting with the potential presidential candidates, continued Fouad.

He noted that, during the coming days, the front will meet with former Presidential Candidate Khaled Ali, who will declare his official position on running for president Saturday, as well as Hamdeen Sabbahi, the only candidate to officially announce his bid for the presidency.

Former Army Chief of Staff Samy Anan declared Thursday his withdrawal from the presidential race after he officially announced his candidacy last month.

For the April 6 Youth Movement, Kamal said that their decision to support a certain candidate is defined by three factors. “The first one is the presidential elections law, which is corrupted, unconstitutional and threatens the whole process with failure,” he said.

“The second factor is the candidates and their affiliations, which we cannot judge now as the candidacy door is not open yet,” Kamal continued, “While the third factor is concerned with the environment of the process and its impartiality.”

Kamal expressed the movement’s disagreement with the president’s decision to grant immunity to the electoral commission’s decisions, adding that they will wait until the candidacy door is open and will then meet with officially announced candidates to decide their final decision.

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