Applied Arts on wheels
Arts on wheels


 CAIRO:Ahmed Ibrahim, an assistant lecturer in Faculty of Applied Arts usedto ride his bicycle years ago, instead of being stuck in the crowded streets of Cairo, and now the idea returned to him once more.

Ibrahim established the Designers for Bicycles team, consisting of seven membersfrom the Faculty of Applied Arts, to spread the idea of riding bicycles to get rid of traffic, according to Youm7.

Ibrahim said to Youm7 that he faces daily problems due to thecongested streets, regardless of whether he uses public transportation or his own car. As a result, Ibrahim repaired his old bicycle to become his main transportation method.

He spread the idea among his team which aims to find a suitable bicycle for anyone interested. Ibrahim’s team is trying to convince the authorities to create a bicycle lane and giving the bicycles an official license.

“Since we are from the Faculty of Applied Arts, we thought to spread the idea of riding bicycles in the street through drawing on walls, and to emphasize that anyone can ride a bicycle.”

“There are a number of youths helping us with these campaigns from the Faculties of Applied Arts and Engineering. We welcome all who wish to participate and we don’t require participants to have expertise in drawing.” He added.

Mahitab Maher, one of the team members said,“It is a good idea to decoratethe streets. Young men and women who didn’t draw before,discovered that they had talent.”

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