Appeals Court adjourns hearing of request to change judge in Morsi trial
Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi during his trial - AP

CAIRO: The Cairo Appeal Court postponed Saturday the first hearing of the request by the defense team of ousted President Mohamed Morsi to replace one of the sitting judges to Monday, in the trial concerning the killing of protesters at Ithadeya presidential palace in December 2012.

The Cairo Criminal Court suspended the trial of the former president on March 6 after his lawyers requested new judges, halting the case while its documents are referred to the Cairo Appeals Court.

On Saturday morning, the appeals court transferred the location of the session to the Officers Institute instead of the Supreme Court after Minister of Justice Nayer Othman expressed security concerns.

Morsi’s defense lawyers demanded one of the judges be changed following a set of comments he made on television regarding the trail.

Morsi, his presidential aides and other Muslim Brotherhood defendants are accused of inciting violence and premeditated murder of demonstrators outside Ithadeya presidential palace.

At least eight people died on Dec. 5, 2012 when clashes erupted near the palace, during an anti-Morsi protest over his November 2012 constitutional declaration that would expand his powers and put his decisions beyond judicial review.

Morsi is facing several other criminal charges, including involvement in conspiracy with foreign organizations, escaping from jail during the January 25 Revolution and the forth trial related to insulting the judiciary while in office after accusing a judge publicly of overseeing fraud in previous presidential elections.

Morsi was removed from office by the military on July 3 following nationwide demonstrations on June 30 demanding his resignation.

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