Bassem Youssef Recap: Electronic Army can’t stop the show
Bassem Youssef - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Despite the Electronic Army’s second attempt to disrupt the airing of Bassem Youssef’s El-Bernameg, Egypt’s number one funny man kept on delivering the political punch lines as he continued to criticize the Egyptian media in the March 14 episode of the famous show.

The internet group Electronic Army announced Friday that it attempted to disrupt the airing of Youssef’s show for the second time, claiming that they want Youssef to stop using “sexual innuendos.” The hacking was timed in such a way that no signal appeared on the channel Youssef’s show usually appears on but the commercial breaks were still visible.

Using his usual sardonic wit, Youssef discussed recent events in Egypt by starting with what is currently occupying Egyptian thought, stating that nowadays it seems that people are more concerned with the weather than they are with presidential elections.

Youssef then started talking about interim President Adly Mansour and the media’s criticism of the Presidential Advisers, specifically Scientific Advisor Essam Heggy. Heggy has come under attack recently, for being among the only governmental figured who openly voiced concern over the Armed Forces declared invention of a cure for AIDS and Hepatitis C, describing it as a scientific scandal.

The majority of Youssef’s shows this season has largely focused on the Egyptian media and their partisan attitude regarding current events in Egypt. Youssef has directed a lot of blame towards the Egyptian media, accusing them of being behind the current state of confusion in Egyptian society.

Bassem also poked fun at the new government’s declaration that ministry employees should start drinking tap water as opposed to bottled or mineral water. The government claims that this will reduce government expenditures. Additionally it is an attempt by the government to familiarize ministerial employees with the experiences of regular citizens – another fact that drew Bassem’s mockery.

In the final segment, Bassem hosted the recently elected president of Dostour Party, Hala Shukrallah. Youssef and Shukrallah discussed the new political era following former President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster and the capacity of her party, one of Egypt’s oldest, to participate in the current political environment.

Shukrallah also discussed the perception of the political party in Egyptian society based on the party’s former president, Mohammed ElBaradei. Shukrallah also went into the party’s attitude toward the upcoming presidential elections, commenting that the party will refuse to support any military candidate in the elections – a stance that antagonizes current public sentiment.

Youssef has come under harsh attack in recent months, particularly after the scheduled first episode of his third season was aired first on CBC, poking fun at the national fixation on Field Marshall Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, following the events of June 30.

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