KSA bans 50 names for opposing religion and culture, Azhar professor concurs
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CAIRO: The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s Agency for Civil Affairs issued a list of fifty names parents are banned from giving to their children on Friday, according to the Saudi Okaz newspaper.

According to Okaz, the banned names fit into three categories: names that contradict religious principals, names affiliated to royalty, and names of non-Islamic origins.

“I would agree to ban names like Abdel Nabi as they contradict one of Islam’s five pillars which is monotheism, while there is no clear text in Quran or Hadith that bans the other two categories of the names,” said Dr. Amna Nusseir, philosophy and doctrine professor at Al-Azhar University.

“I call on parents to select proper Arab names for their children that reflect our Islamic heritage,” Nusseir added.

Alice, Elaine, Lauren and Sandy are considered “foreign” names while names such as Sumuw (His Highness), Amir (Prince), amd Al-Mamlaka (Kingdom) are considered “inappropriate” for having to do with royalty, Okaz reported the Saudi Ministry of Interior as saying.

It also said Abdel Ati, Abdel Rasool and Abdel Nabi are considered “blasphemous” as Abdel in Arabic means worshipper of, while Rasool in Arabic means prophet and Nabi in Arabic means messenger.

Muslim names starting with Abdel must carry one of Allah’s ninety nine names therefore names like Abdel Nabi and Abdel Rasool are forbidden as only Allah can be worshipped, it added.

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