Solar energy project to be implemented in Marsa Alam within one month
Minister of Agriculture Ayman Abu Hadid - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ayman Abu Hadid said Saturday that the solar energy project in Marsa Alam, a city at the Red Sea coast, will be resumed within a month.

The project aims to improve living standards by providing electricity as well as providing basic needs such as food, water, health and shelter, according to Abu Hadid.

“The project will expand the use of solar energy as Egypt will be depending on it as one of the main renewable energy sources to generate electricity,” he said.

Abu Hadid said that the project will provide strains of sheep to suit the climatic regions of Egypt, pointing out that camels will artificially inseminated to create strains that easily adapt to the climatic conditions.

On Friday, Local and Administrative Development Minister Adel Labib announced 135 sites in 17 governorates were designated for solar energy projects.

Nader Nour el-Din, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University, told The Cairo Post Saturday that the Ministry of Agriculture adopted a policy stimulating farm owners to generate their own electricity with solar panels.

However, Nour el-Din is surprised that the government is not offering any support to the farmer to achieve this goal.

“This initiative was supposed to be launched by the Ministry of Electricity not the Agriculture Ministry,” he said.

The professor, specialized in land and water use, explained that although some forms of solar energy have been available for decades, the technology has only recently gained mainstream acceptance and attracted the interest of the government, adding that Egypt could generate electricity from winds in Sinai and solar in Upper Egypt.

“The government should quickly turn to use renewable energy,” he said, referring to the importance to increase renewable energy research and development as well as developing human resources in the field of energy.

In February, Minister of Energy and Electricity Ahmed Imam and Minister of Petroleum Sherif Ismail inaugurated the New and Renewable Energy Summit in Cairo which would aid the transition to new sources of energy in addition to establishing a stock market for energy within 10 years.

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